Chuckee Zehr (during supper)


Feb 21 - Feb 22
6:00pm - 9:00pm EST

Chuckee Zehr-pianist/vocalist/songstress/musical director
From blues to rock, with a taste of gospel & R&B, Chuckee’s musical character has been influenced by many. She has performed in a wide variety of bands for many years, which has also contributed to her songwriting skills. With several original albums and awards to her credit, she enjoys a personal connection with her audience. Whether in a small, intimate solo/duo setting, or with a full band in large venues, Chuckee can deliver a song with passion and emotion, as well as with humour and fun.


Currently, she is directing two successful musical productions-”Inspired By Janis” and “The Woodstock Experience”. Another show and new album are also in the works.
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