Chef Blake Anderson

My name is Blake Anderson and I am the new Head Chef at the Red Lion Room.
I’ve been in Stratford since 1995 and have spent the majority of my life in this town, from elementary school to high school and finally to the restaurant industry. I started working in the kitchens of Stratford when I was 15 years old as a dishwasher and have spent a total of 16 years searing, grilling and smoking all styles of cuisine.

I have worked as a sous chef for the last 7 years in the most popular and busy restaurants that Stratford has to offer. I learned my theory and practical skills working under some of the most renown and talented chefs that work in this rich culinary city.

I have left my mark on several of the menus that currently exist in the downtown core restaurants.

I have a great passion for BBQ and Creole style of food. I am looking forward to sharing my take on that cuisine, bringing the smokehouse experience to the piano/jazz bar and feeding the amazing local people and tourists from all over world.

History of the Red Lion Room

The Red Lion Room was officially re-established in 2019. Pictures from c.1979, tell us the Red Lion Room was here before. We are not sure how long it was here, or how long it lasted, but it was here. 

The Red Lion Room is located in the Windsor Hotel. “The Windsor Block” was built in 1873 and extended to Downie Street. Over the last 100 years, the hotel has carried a few other names, 23 Albert Place being one; finally, it arrived back at the Windsor Hotel.  

The decision to open the Red Lion Room as a jazz lounge was easy, especially after speaking with many people in Stratford and looking at what Stratford was missing after Down The Street sold and was remodeled. 

Simple understandable food; support for the craft beer movement; delicious value vino; a quiet place to relax (even on Mondays). That’s our twist on history.

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